From January to Easter this New Year we want to encourage the whole church to journey together to explore the idea of Spiritual Disciplines – the practices found in scripture that promote spiritual growth and deepen and strengthen our relationship with Father, Son and Spirit and so help us to become more like Jesus. The majority of our Small Groups for this term will therefore be linked in to the Spiritual Disciplines Programme.

Each Sunday we will offer scriptural example and explanation and personal illustrations, and provide practical, creative suggestions for you to try and develop each discipline personally. During the week we have tried to create spaces for shared discussion and practical experimentation, giving everyone an opportunity to ‘have a go’!

The programme includes a number of central meetings which will be led by invited guests and which we hope all Small Groups will attend. On other weeks, the Small Groups will consider and explore the particular disciplines outlined in the programme, using materials prepared by the teaching team.

In the midst of New Years resolutions, fads and diets, why not join us as we train together for genuine, lasting change, exploring the habits of devotion that have been practised by God’s people since Biblical times…..making us more like Jesus!

Sign up runs from 7th to 21st January. To sign up for the Spiritual Disciplines Programme we are asking that, using the form at the bottom of the page, you tell us your first and second preferred options from the group options listed below the programme outline. Groups will be formed centrally to ensure that we can accommodate everyone, wherever possible using your first choice, and details will be sent out at the end of the sign up period before groups meet for the first time during w/c 29th January.

In addition to the Spiritual Disciplines Programme and Groups, we have a small number of ongoing and special interest groups that will also be running. Information boxes for these groups can be viewed by clicking this link Daytime Groups Spring 2018,  and sign up for these groups is as outlined in each information box.

Group Venue and Day/Time options are:

Amersham, Tuesday daytime;   Amersham, Tuesday evening;   Amersham, Wednesday evening;   Amersham, Thursday evening;
Amersham, Friday evening

Chesham, Tuesday daytime;   Chesham, Thursday evening;   Chesham Bois, Wednesday evening

Little Chalfont, Thursday evening;   Hyde Heath, Tuesday evening;   Hyde Heath, Thursday evening

Prestwood, Monday evening;   Thame, Thursday evening

Please complete and submit the form below to register your preferences, indicating your preferred contact method by completing the relevant box.