Here at King’s, we believe that following Jesus happens best when we are actively engaged in other people’s lives. It is in relationship that our faith is truly shaped and nurtured. We hope that our Small Group Programme provides an opportunity to do just that and build community amongst us, helping us to:

: Make New Friends and Deepen Relationships :
: Learn Something New : Grow Closer to God :

Our groups support the vision of the church, which is to share the love of God with both those whom we live and work amongst and with the wider world. For more on our vision, please visit our Home page and scroll down to the ‘Our Vision’ section.

Make New Friends and Deepen Relationships: As we grow in numbers,
small groups help relationships to flourish and everyone to feel that they belong.

Learn Something New: No matter where you are on your faith journey,
we hope there is a place for you.

Grow Closer to God: As we meet, have fun, learn and share our lives together,
we hope that Jesus will become ever more authentic to us all.

We offer groups over a range of venue locations, days of the week and meeting times as well as a number of ongoing and special interest groups. We also have a number of central meetings at the church where all the groups meet together for prayer and worship. Details of the programme for the autumn are shown below and in the Programme Booklet available by clicking this link Small Group & Activities Booklet 2018 to 2019.

Sign up for the Autumn Small Groups will be open from Sunday 2nd September until Sunday 9th September. After that time, if you are new to the church and would like to join a group, please speak to one of our friendly Welcome Team or contact the church office so that we can help you find a place.

Central Groups and Courses

Special Interest Groups

Groups hosted in homes

There are a small number of other groups available which will be hosted in homes. They may choose to review the talk from the previous Sunday morning, to follow a published study programme or something else. All offer a warm welcome, an opportunity to get to know others and times of prayer.
Groups are available on the days and times and in the locations listed below:

Venue               Day                 Time              Capacity
Amersham        Tuesday           Morning            12
Amersham        Tuesday           Evening            10
Amersham        Thursday         Evening             10
Amersham        TBC                 Evening             10
Chesham          Tuesday            Morning           12
Thame              Monday             Evening           10

Ongoing Groups

How do I sign up for a group?

For open groups which you can join at any time, please check the dates in our weekly bulletin, on our notice board or on the website and go along.
For groups or courses that are running for specific terms, the best way to sign up is using the online form below. Alternatively, once you’ve looked through the options and made your choice(s), fill out a printed sign-up form (available from the Welcome Table at the back of our auditorium) and put it in the Small Groups box during the sign-up period.

Small Group FAQs

When do the groups start? Unless indicated, groups will start in their usual locations during w/c 23rd September and finish during w/c 10th December (including a Central Prayer & Worship evening in November) with a break for Half Term during w/c 22nd October.

Does everyone have to attend a group? Sundays and Small Groups are the heart of life at King’s, so we would love everyone to be a part of a group.

What am I signing up to? Sign-up is for one term at a time. But for groups to develop friendships and grow in faith together, we encourage everyone to attend each session, if possible, for the weeks the group is running. At the end of the term we recommend that you think about moving on to a new group for the next term, but you also have the option to sign up again if your current group is continuing or to take a break.

What happens after I’ve signed up? The Group Leader will contact you to confirm the details of start date and when and where the group will meet and to welcome you into the group.

Can I join a group part way through the term? Most groups will not be open after the second week so that real friendships can develop, and those that meet in homes may have a maximum capacity and not have spaces available after the sign-up period. We do have other groups, however, that will remain open all term so that new people can get involved at any stage.

Can I join more than one group? You’re free to join more than one group, but we do ask that you make a commitment to attend all the meetings of each group.

I’m interested in leading a group next term. What should I do? Please speak with Paul Thomas or Kathy Nussbaum or email about your next steps.