small groups

As Elders, we believe that following Jesus happens best when we are actively engaged in other people’s lives. It is in relationship that our faith is truly shaped and sharpened.
We hope that our Small Group programme (which runs in 3 ‘terms’ – Autumn, Spring and Summer) will provide an opportunity to do just that and build community amongst us in all sorts of ways. In particular, we hope that you will:

  • Make New Friends As we grow in numbers small groups will help relationships to flourish and everyone to feel that they belong
  • Learn Something New The choice of topics provides real flexibility in activities and formats, so that, no matter where you are on your faith journey, we hope there is a place for you.
  • Grow Closer to God As we meet, have fun, learn and share our lives together we hope that Jesus will become ever more authentic to us all.

Our groups reflect the diversity of King’s and are made up of people from all ages and stages of life. Some meet in homes, others at the church building and they range from prayer groups to activity groups like Stitch & Chatter. Some groups are open so that you can join them at any time. Others will run for 8-12 weeks depending on the term and require you to sign up. For these groups we ask that you commit to attend for all of the weeks of the term.

So, whether you are a long-standing member or new to King’s, we hope you will enjoy finding a group that is a strong fit for you.

At the bottom of the page there are some FAQs to help you make your choice.

Autumn 2017

Launch 10th September 2017

Full details will also available on the notice board in Reception at Raans Road.


Sign-up will run from 10th to 17th September via iKnow (if you are registered on the system) or using the printed forms available in the booklets or from the Welcome Table in the auditorium.

Meeting Dates

Most groups will start during w/c 25th September and run for 11/12 weeks, finishing during w/c 11th December including a break for half term if preferred. Some open groups may have earlier start dates.

Frequently Asked Questions

When do the groups start?

Unless indicated, groups will start in their usual locations during week beginning Monday 25th September.

How do I choose a group that is right for me?

You are free to choose a group by location, activity or focus or leader of the group. We hope there is something for everyone. Leaders will be available during the sign-up period to give more details. Some groups have a limited number of spaces, so sign up quickly!

Does everyone have to attend a group?

Sundays and Small Groups are the heart of life at King’s, so we would love everyone to be part of a group.

What am I signing up to?

The sign-up is for one term at a time. But for groups to develop friendships and grow in faith together, we encourage everyone to attend each session, if possible, for the weeks the group is running. At the end of the term you have the option to sign up again if the group is continuing, join another group or take a break.

What happens after I’ve signed up?

The Group Leader will contact you to confirm the details of start date, when and where the group will meet and to welcome you into the group.

Can I join a group part way through the term?

Most groups will not be open after the second week so that real friendships can develop, but other groups will remain open all term so that new people can get involved at any stage.

What do I do if I still have questions?

Please speak to Paul Thomas, Kathy Nussbaum, Jenny Benjamin, a Group Leader or Email Small Groups

I’m interested in leading a group next term. What should I do?

Please talk with Paul Thomas or Kathy Nussbaum or email Email Small Groups about your next steps.