planned-givingAt King’s we teach the biblical principle of stewardship. We believe that everything we have belongs to God and we are only looking after, or are stewards of, what He has given us. It is with this in mind that we encourage people who call King’s their home to give regularly and generously in proportion to their income. To fulfil all that God has given us to do requires resources,  so let’s ask God what we can do to play our part in giving to the work of King’s, financially and of our skills and time.

We invite, and receive with gratitude, a financial offering at every Sunday meeting. However, many give directly from their bank account by regular Standing Order. Tithing (giving 10% of our income) is a commitment that many of us at King’s have decided to make.

As mentioned above, we ask all those who call King’s their ‘home’ to prayerfully consider the amount that they give regularly – and to review that sum as their situation may change. Responsible, joyful giving is one of the marks of a believer!

More information about Stewardship and Giving is available in our Giving Generously and Planned Giving leaflets, available from the Welcome Desk at the back of the auditorium and via the links below.

Giving Generously Planned Giving

Give out of what you have

We recognise that giving is not always easy and that your personal circumstances will affect how you are able to give. We believe you should give out of what you have and not what you have not. If you are struggling financially or in debt, please speak to a Pastor or Elder.

Ways to give at King’s

There are currently four ways to give at King’s.

Through the Sunday Offering

We invite, and receive with gratitude,  a financial offering at all Sunday services. We welcome giving via cash or cheque payable to ‘King’s Church Amersham’.

Regular Standing Order

Giving in this way means that those who have responsibility for looking after the finances at King’s have the benefit of knowing that an assured amount will be available each month.

Please download and complete a Standing Order form or contact us for help in setting up a Standing Order.

Online Bank Transfer

Log on to your online banking and set up a direct bank transfer. (Account details are available from the Standing Order Form using the link below).

Debit or Credit Card Payment

Contact the office if you would like to give using a card.

However you give, if you are a taxpayer, please help us increase the value of your gift by completing a Gift Aid form to enable us to claim back from HMRC (the tax man) an additional 25% of the value of what you give.

Standing Order and Gift Aid Declaration forms are available from the Welcome Desk at the back of the auditorium and via the links below.

Standing Order Form Gift Aid Declaration

Gift Aid envelopes for one-off cash or cheque gifts are available from the Welcome Desk.