We are always delighted to welcome guest speakers to join us on a Sunday morning and for special events, and enjoy the blessing (and challenge) that they bring.

Freedom Calling – Speaker: Rebecca Chapman – Date: 23.7.2017  


Pentecost – Speaker: Mike Taylor – Reading: Acts 2: 1-21 and 36-38 – Date: 4.6.2107 


Haggai 2 – Speaker: Nick Johnson: Reading: Haggai 2 – Date 29.1.2017


steve bradyHow to Avoid JAM(Justaboutmanaging) – Speaker: Dr Steve Brady – Reading: 1 Thessalonians 5 – Date 27.11.2016 



Love – Speaker: Nicola Neal – Reading: 1 Corinthians 13 – Date: 16.10.2016

Nicola talks about the importance of having love and of living our lives in such a way as to show others what Jesus’ love looks like.



lindsay-melluish Transformed (Ladies Morning) – Speaker: Lindsay Melluish – Date: 12.3.16

Lindsay first opened our eyes to the transformation that could occur in our lives and our relationships through being better able to appreciate the lavish and unconditional nature of God’s love for us. After a break we were encouraged to allow time in God’s presence and His word to renew our minds, help us live more in the present and so be more relaxed and more alive.

Session 1 – From Insecurity to Security


Session 2 – From Anxiety to Peace




Thoughts on God’s Love – Speaker: Stuart Pascal – Reading: 2 Corinthians 4:7-12 – Date: 6.3.16

Stuart brings some thoughts on God’s love in his own inimitable style, causing us to think about how we share that love with others and our attitude to them.

Thoughts on Epiphany -Speaker Stuart Pascal-Date 26.2.17

Stuart brings some thoughts on The last day of Epiphany and how we should be dreamers and Doers in the faithfulness of Gods love.

ian stackhouse

Humility – Speaker: Ian Stackhouse – Reading:  – Date: 31.1.16

Ian expounds on our calling as Christians to live within our gifting, not to be strivers but servants, not to be jealous of other’s gifts but to use our gifts humbly.


The Power of Testimony – Speaker: Bob Kilpatrick – Reading: Acts ch2 -Date 26.3.2017 

Thoughts -Speaker: Mike Dwight-Date:28.05.2017