trustee banner 2The Board of Trustees meets quarterly to take care of the secular business of running the church. Trustees manage finances and property, and ensure the church is compliant with any legal requirements.

Andrew BurtonIMG_7493sq

Andrew has been a member of King’s for 35 years and is Chair of the Board of Trustees. Drawing on 30+ years experience across a diverse range of businesses and charities, he and the other Trustees aim to ensure the Church is run on a sound financial basis and in conformity with all legal requirements.

Julian DagnallKCA160124_sq25

Julian moved to Amersham 30 years ago straight from university to join the church and has been an Elder for half of that time. He met his wife Pauline here, and they have three teenage children. He works locally as an accountant, but his heart is for the church, and in particular for preaching the truth and for sound doctrine, for worship, and just occasionally church finances!

Simon RoseKCA160124_sq24

Simon grew up in Amersham and has been a member of King’s since he was a teenager. Now a solicitor and Chartered Tax advisor, he takes responsibility for ensuring that we are legally compliant, and oversees the running of our coffee shop.

David PattersonIMG_7472sq

David and his wife Helen have been members of King’s since 1983. He has led small groups and worship. He is a qualified accountant, heads the finance and administration team at the European marketing arm of an Arab oil company and is our treasurer.

Paul LynchIMG_7445sq

Paul has been a church member since joining the team in 2003. He has previously led churches in Bournemouth and Barnstaple and has 30 years’ experience in church leadership.

Mike PetersKCA160124_sq05

Mike has been a member of the church since 1980 and until recently had been an Elder for 21 years. He has 34 years experience in local government Town Planning and played a key role in delivering our building project for the Raans Road site. Now retired, he runs his own Planning Consultancy.

Mike Taylor

Mike is the Trustee with responsibility for Risk Management and also leads and oversees the Alpha programme. His past experience in church leadership as Elder and Church Secretary coupled with senior management positions in business equip him well for both roles.

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